Stringent Staff Vetting Process

At Swift, we prioritise the safety and security of your premises by meticulously vetting all our cleaning staff before they become part of our team. We ensure that each member has successfully met the stringent security requirements mandated for access to our clients’ facilities. This includes comprehensive background checks through DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) screenings and specialised cargo operative training, particularly for roles involving sensitive areas and bonded warehouses.

Adherence to Your Security Protocols

Our commitment extends to aligning with your security protocols seamlessly. Our cleaning staff strictly adhere to your safety regulations, exercising utmost caution with passwords, entry codes, and any confidential information. They are bound by confidentiality agreements upon recruitment, emphasising our dedication to safeguarding your data.

Fortified Data Integrity

To fortify data integrity, we employ robust measures such as swift backup systems and encryption protocols for all our computer-stored records, ensuring the security of information stored in the cloud.

Continued Commitment to Security Standards

Moreover, our dedication to your security standards continues throughout our staff’s tenure. Before commencing their employment, our team members thoroughly review, agree to, and formally sign their commitment to uphold your security measures. Additionally, you, as the client, retain the prerogative to request the removal of any cleaning staff deemed unsuitable, provided the request is documented in writing with specific reasons. Rest assured, Swift promptly ensures a suitable replacement in such instances.

Emphasis on Confidentiality

We emphasise the gravity of confidentiality by mandating that all staff sign confidentiality agreements prior to their employment. Any breach of confidentiality, such as unauthorised use or disclosure of information obtained during their service at your premises, is met with legal consequences. Our staff undergo rigorous training to handle sensitive information responsibly, refraining from sharing passwords or entry codes to maintain the integrity of your security protocols.

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