Swift is a commercial office cleaning company that was founded in 1966.

Here’s a bit about us. Swift is a family commercial office cleaning company founded in 1966 based in West London. Our commitment to treating customers like family remains unchanged. We understand the impact of our work on your clients and employees’ experience. A clean, comfortable, and secure environment leads to happy clients and productive employees. At Swift, we act as part of your team and strive to exceed your expectations. Trust us to deliver immaculate cleaning solutions that create a positive atmosphere for all. Partner with Swift for success and satisfaction.

Our company recognises that the work we do impacts directly on whether your customers and employees have a good working experience or a bad one. A clean, comfortable, fresh and secure environment makes for happy clients and productive employees.

We have many satisfied customers, ranging from luxurious offices to warehouses and factories. Our expertise extends to managing prestigious property portfolios. Our dedicated staff is our most valued asset, and we prioritize their safety, satisfaction, and well-being. We treat them like family, with fairness, care, and compassion.

Understanding the impact of a clean, secure environment, we strive to foster happiness among clients and productivity among employees. As part of your team, we aim to exceed expectations and provide immaculate cleaning solutions. Trust Swift Office Cleaning to create a positive atmosphere, ensuring success and satisfaction in your workspace.

We offer free estimates and friendly advice so please get in contact with us by phone on 020 8577 3200 or by email: sales@swift-cleaning.com

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