Industrial Cleaning

Our company is experienced with the high standards of health and safety practice that surround the delivery of industrial cleaning services. Swift has been in existence for over 50 years so nothing phases us and there is very little (if anything) that we have not dealt with before and in the unlikely event that we can’t fix any problem ourselves we will know someone who can.

We deliver all the services you require from specialist floor cleaning, to maintaining common areas and washrooms in factories, warehouses and other industrial areas.

Metal shavings, oil spills, fuel leaks, chemical spills, damaged electrical cables are just some of the dangers we look out for. A well-maintained and clean workshop or warehouse allows for better implementation of good safety practice and contributes to a better sense of well being and improved productivity.

We offer free estimates and friendly advice so please get in contact with us by phone on 020 8577 3200 or by email:


On request we can arrange any certification required such as DBS checking, CO training and CASP training for operatives as required by the CAA when working on Bonded Warehouses.

We ensure our staff are trained to know the hazards and risks that are in their workplace and the steps taken to eliminate or reduce these risks. Operatives are supplied with high visibility clothing and safety footwear suitable for the conditions of use.

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