Leadership Team

Male Head

John Wright


When Swift started in 1966 companies didn’t really appreciate the importance of cleaning nor the health and wellbeing of its staff and customers. A quick whisk around with a duster, a mop in a galvanised bucket and a Hoover was all that most companies required. I am pleased to say that today most companies are much more enlightened.

The cleaning regime carried out by Swift today on behalf of its clients is of a completely different magnitude and scope. From colour coded equipment and sanitising health centres to rigorous health and safety analysis and reach and wash window cleaning. Being a key member of the leadership team I am proud of the work we do and the service we provide. I constantly look at ways to enable Swift to improve and innovate.

The importance of a comprehensive and rigorously executed cleaning regime is perhaps more important now than ever and I will ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry.

When I am not thinking about Swift I enjoy relaxing and being with the family.

Male Head

Danny Gazdic

Operation Director

As Operations Director I spend my time ensuring that Swift provides a very high quality service to our clients. I ensure we have teams of dedicated, fully trained and happy cleaning staff to deliver our service to our clients.

Swift genuinely see employees as part of the Swift family, being a key member of the leadership team I ensure that they have the support, resources and training they need to excel at their role and enjoy their job.

During my 25 years at Swift much has changed but my love of the industry and belief in the importance of the service we provide remains undimmed.

My other interests include cooking (sometimes for the team at Swift) and car detailing

Male Head

Michael Wright

Business Development

During my 7 years working for Swift I feel like I’ve seen it all, my family however assures me that I haven’t. No two days are the same here, which makes things interesting. Reacting to situations and ensuring customers are happy is just part of the job, however my main role is business development.

Visiting an array of sites throughout the week from glossy offices to warehouses, my job takes my to the heart of the action. We start by sitting down with a potential client and discussing their requirements and limitations of their current cleaning set up. After this initial meeting a bespoke cleaning package is developed based upon the clients requests and budget. Once we’ve ironed out the creases and the contracts are signed it’s over to Danny’s team to make it happen.

We have a saying in our business “No news is good news” that’s because our service should work seamlessly in the background, when issues occur we are quick to react, which is why we’ve been building strong customer relationships for over 50 years.

Female Head

Victoria Stepanauskaite

Office Administrator

My previous experience from Power Road Studios, as a Receptionist and Caretaker, enabled me to earn some extra money whilst studying and during this role, I gained the skills and knowledge to be able to undertake a full-time general administration position at Swift in 2008 and am now part of the leadership team.

After cutting my teeth in general administration, I quickly moved on to managing payroll, accounts and credit control. We are a tight unit here and I know that I have the support of my colleagues at all times especially, when the pressure is on.

I enjoy working for the Company and within this industry. When I’m not in the office you’ll find me training in the gym or practicing yoga however, some days it can be a bit of a stretch.