Welcome to Swift Mission Statement


We are glad you could join us. We are proud of our employees and the success of Swift Office Cleaning is a direct result of their hard work and commitment.

These pages are a guide to help you view details of your terms and conditions of employment together with vital Health and Safety information. The conditions and policies listed here are those most frequently asked for and any not on this site can be requested from your Area Manager or from Head Office at 0208 577 3200.

If you have any questions about your work or your employment please contact your Area Manager who will be able to help you.

Mission Statement

At Swift Office Cleaning our aim is:

  • To provide and maintain the highest standard of commercial cleaning service to our customers
  • To maintain our commitment to the health and safety of customers and staff at all times through compliance with all current legislation.
  • To build long lasting relationships with our customers by a providing quality cleaning service that is also competitively priced and by ensuring our customers receive optimum value at all times through our commitment to constant monitoring and improvement in the quality of service we offer.
  • To ensure the long term stability of the Company through good service and contract retention
  • To value, support, train and motivate our staff to provide the best service they can.
  • To demonstrate continued awareness of our environmental responsibility
  • To act with integrity and honesty in every aspect of our work and to deliver a consistently high level of customer-focused service

Our short to medium term strategic plan is first and foremost client retention; to focus on retaining our existing clients and extending the level of business with them. We also plan over the coming years to grow our business at a controlled rate, seeking out clients with whom long term relationships can be built to benefit both parties.