What is TUPE in the cleaning industry?


What is it?

As you may already know TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employees) is a piece of legislation that affects all industry’s in the UK. It is designed to protect a persons employment rights when a contract transfers from one company to another.

How does it affect the cleaning staff?

As a new contractor we are obliged to speak to the current cleaners and offer them a job working for us at your building. We will need to offer them the same terms and conditions they currently have with their current employer such as the same Hourly Pay, Holiday Accrued etc. As wages contributes towards most of our costs, the cleaners hourly rate can affect our charges and we may need to recalculate should cleaners hourly rate be very high.

The cleaner is not obliged to transfer over to us, they have the option to decline. They could chose to leave or continue working with their current employer at another site.

How will this affect you?

The TUPE legislation will usually benefit clients who like the cleaning staff, however do not like the contractors management. We have highly experienced managers who are not looking after 100’s of cleaners, meaning they can give the client and cleaners the attention they need and you will see a dramatic improvement in the cleaning.

But I don’t want to keep the same cleaners?

Normally potential clients are looking for a new cleaning contractor because the cleaning is poor. So why would they want to keep the cleaner? From our experience it is not always the cleaners fault for bad cleaning it can be caused by a variety of things such as: Poor management, Wrong equipment, Lack of training, No review processes and Lack of guidance.

How do we manage the process?

Once we are on board we will immediately implement quality control measures to ensure we hit the ground running. These will include re-training to our standards, regular and random calls to site to check up on staff and clear lines of communication between the area manager and client backed up with meetings to ensure results are being achieved.

In the past giving the cleaning staff the attention they require has proved enough to gain an over all improvement in the cleaning.

What if that doesn’t work?

If the quality control procedures are put in place and the cleaner is still not preforming, we will quickly implement disciplinary procedures and will most likely remove the cleaner from your site and replace with another staff member.