Our Staff


Our staff are our biggest asset. Swift has developed an in-house training system, based on The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) Safe Systems of Work, and we ensure staff are properly trained and supervised. This training includes:

  • Performance of cleaning tasks
  • Use of cleaning equipment
  • Infection control and colour coding and hygiene
  • Manual Handling
  • Fire procedures, Health and Safety, Site Orientation
  • Security and Confidentiality
  • Cleaning products and chemicals, their safe use and handling (COSHH)
  • Use of appropriate protective clothing
  • Environmental awareness, handling, bagging, recycling and appropriate disposal of waste
  • Cleaning, care and storage of equipment
  • Incident/accident and illness reporting

We can arrange for DBS checking and CASP training for operatives when required.


When our cleaning staff are recruited we ensure they are trained appropriately and fulfil all legal requirements for working within the UK.


Swift is experienced in TUPE matters and abides by TUPE regulations. We will:-

  • Obtain employee information from the previous contractor
  • Interview all TUPE affected staff to make sure they understand their rights and keep them fully informed of how the transfer affects them
  • Treat all TUPE affected staff fairly, and honour the terms of their previous contract of employment

Security for your premises

In accordance with our company policy, all cleaning staff are thoroughly vetted before being employed by us to ensure the utmost levels of security before entering our client’s premises. When required, DBS checks and CASP training can be carried out for staff employed in sensitive areas.

Our cleaning staff will conform to your security and safety regulations. Staff are instructed to take extreme care with passwords and entry codes and will sign confidentially agreements on recruitment. The client may instruct the removal of unsuitable cleaning staff from their premises and we will ensure an acceptable replacement.

Swift back up and encrypt all our computer held information. Our records are stored using Ironkey Secure USBs – a secure system used and approved by NATO.